Action not showing in remote environments

Feature(s) impacted


Observed behaviour

A newly added action is only showing in my local development UI and also in the Edit UI of remote environments.

Expected behavior

The action should show in the action dropdown

Above: Not showing in “Actions” dropdown

Above: Showing in edit menu (but can’t see any way to add to the Actions dropdown)

Failure Logs



  • Project name: emitwise-admin
  • Team name: emitwise
  • Environment name: emitwise-admin-staging,emitwise-admin-dev,emitwise-admin-prod
  • Agent technology: Node
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: NA
  • Database type: Mongo
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: NA

Hello @Jemit,

In Forest Admin we distinguish the layout configuration and the permission required to execute an action as two different elements and by having both enabled the action would be shown on the UI.

This allows a stricter and fine tuned permission management.

I checked from our side and it seems like the Remove MFA action has not been enabled on any role across all environments.

To do so I can guide you to our User Guide on Action permissions, if you wish to streamline this process further down to road when adding new action you can set default permissions that will be applied for all new entries.

Best regards,

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