"ArgumentError (wrong number of arguments (given 1, expected 0))" On Staging and Production


We have a simple create item smart action that works fine on development, but on staging it fails to save with:

ArgumentError (wrong number of arguments (given 1, expected 0))

I am unable to troubleshoot this as that is the only error message I am seeing on the staging server logs.

We have several other smart actions and this seems to be the only one failing.

Ruby 3.0.2
Rails 6.0.4
forest_liana 7.4.5


Hello @muz,

That’s unfortunate. I see another thread with the same error. A colleague will take the lead on this subject.

Just a few question:

  • Can you share your project name ?
  • Do you use ForestLiana::ResourcesGetter.get_ids_from_request in this smart action ?

Thank you in advance for sharing those information.

Kind regards,

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Hi @morganperre

We are not using ForestLiana::ResourcesGetter.get_ids_from_request on this smart action as it is for creating a new card, but we are using it on others (no issues as far as I am aware).

The project name is Qashio, and the failing smart action is Create Card.


Hey @muz :wave:

Could you share the smart action code here or as DM so we can investigate ? :pray:


I can’t spot any mis-usage of the API in the code you shared … So:

  • Could you tell me if the issue happens during load/change hook call, or during the main code?
  • Could you, either here or as DM, share the HTTP request & response of the failing call ?

Thanks in advance :pray:

It doesn’t look like it is happening during load/change hook call, since that feature works fine and the submit works fine too. The staging logs I shared show that it rolls back the create card, but I am not sure why that is happening.


I just wanted to mention that I am able to create a new card using the +Add button, and it works fine. It only fails when done via a smart action.

I’m seems like the issue was located inside the smart action main code.

In case someone encounter this issue in the future, please open a new thread and share the smart action definition to help us locate the issue :pray: