Blank page when opening project

Expected behavior

Expect to retrieve all data after sign-in

Actual behavior

What is the current behavior?
current behavior are retrieve a blank page!

Failure Logs

Please include any relevant log snippets, if necessary.
On my screenshot


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Package Version: “^5.4.1”
  • Express Version: “^4.17.1”
  • Mongoose Version: “^5.7.8”

Almost same problem here (slightly different error message - but blank page all the same)

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Hi @Jordy_Malonda,

Does this error persist after a hard refresh (Ctrl/Cmd + R) ?

yes it does, the error persists after refreshing. And followed by showing these error

t.environment is null

Different error message on Chrome browser

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Valentin from forest admin is helping out here:

Thanks for all your feedbacks. We’ve found where the issue comes from.

We are currently working on a fix and we’ll let you now as soon as it is available.

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hi @lamatt_v,
I currently don’t know what’s the nature of the problem here, but is there any way to revert to last known unbroken state?

Hi all :wave: , filling in for @lamatt_v here

it seems like the culprit has been found and the fix is done, and is currently about to be released. We need to run a migration internally though, so @lamatt_v has to first release it on staging, ensure there is a green light and then deploy it to production (this is the reason why it is requiring a little more time than usual). However at this point the fix should land very soon.

It was a very nasty bug, @lamatt_v will be posting more details about what happened as soon as the fix has landed.

In the meantime, thanks for reporting it!

Hi all,

We just ran the migration in production and everything should be back to normal for any of your admin panels! Can you confirm this solves the problem for you?

For those of you who are wondering what happened exactly, here is a small overview:

Our environment removal service had a small flow that could lead to some models being related to dropped environment. This flow seems to have existed for quite a while but we recently released a small update on one of our front-end component that blocked the access on projects related to those deleted environments.

As for why we didn’t rollback, it’s because we were almost ready to release a fix that would patch the “deep” issue instead of reverting changes that were not directly related.

Nevertheless, thanks for your feedbacks and patience! :pray:


Things are back to normal on our side. Thank you!


Thanks for your support guys !