CORS Issue after plus trial

Hello everyone!!

I am facing an issue after finishing my Plus trial period and going back to team trial. Please find the issue in the image. In my plus trial, I was using a custom domain.

Here are my version details

using typescript with mongo-express
“forest-express-mongoose”: “^8.4.3”,

I will appreciate any help.


Thank you forest team for your assistance,

It seems that the error was two-fold. Firstly the error was resolved when Louis from Forest Team disabled 2FA and also we followed nginx configuration that was detailed here.

Please let me know if you would like any further assistance going into finding the root cause of the issue.


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Hey @tanish,

Thanks you for your report.

I think you were missing some CORS configuration for using the domain instead of your custom one.

I will try to reproduce on my own. I will let you know if I need more informations.

Kind regards,