Environment select field on top left of ForestAdmin does not display all environments

Expected behavior

When I click on the Environment select field on the top left of the screen, I expect all my environments to appear (I have a prod env + a dev env)

Actual behavior

I see only the production environment

Hello François, Riccardo here, admin of the forum.

I think you wanted to report an issue but you just filled in the title of the topic, not the topic itself. Would you mind trying again? You should delete the example content and replace it with a description of your issue. That content is only there to help you write in a way that makes it easier for anyone to reply and assist.

hello, the expected vs actual behaviors are specified

thank you! I am going to edit this post removing the other content and repost it for you

repost has been done! and welcome here!

thanks for the repost

Hi @francois_Ruty,

Can you please tell us on what project this issue happens?
And if possible share a screenshot of what you actually see / don’t see?

Thank you.

Hi @francois_Ruty,

Do you still observe this issue or should we close this discussion?

I don’t see it anymore