[Frontend] Additional query param provide crash cause "collection not found"


I’m trying to create an url to summary. But when a query parameter, not valid for forestadmin, is added the page failed “This collection cannot be found”.

My url end part: data/beneficiary/index/record/beneficiary/df8d9435-9f3f-4477-bfcd-e138ed176d55/summary/?MandateId=112354. For me it should just ignore this parameter

Hello @Justin_Martin,

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Does it work when you remove the MandateId parameter?

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Yes, actually I created a route in my express server to remove the params & redirect to the url.

But the fact that the parameter blocks the access to the collection seems strange to me

Hello @Justin_Martin,

Thanks for reaching out :raised_hands:

Out of curiosity, why do you need to add a query param to your summary view?


We are using Mangopay to create SEPA Mandate. This creation generate a page for mandate confirmation.

During creation of mandate, we provide a “redirectUrl” to redirect our user after they pressed “CONFIRM” button, in the confirmation page. Mangopay redirect to this url and adding “MandateId=XXXXXX” in query (without control)

Mangopay sepa confirmation page:


Alright, makes sense.
We are going to work on a solution to make your use case functional.
We’ll keep you posted as soon as it’s done.

Thanks again for your report!

Hello @Justin_Martin,

A fix has been released, you should be able to redirect from Mangopay with no problem now :raised_hands:

Could you please let me know if it is working as expected?


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