How encrypt password?

hi, i need to know if there is any way when i add a new row, the password field is encrypted with md5. Is there a way to do it?


Hello @frantroya,

If you are creating a new record, the password you enter will be encrypted when send to your server over HTTPs.
Once stored in your database, it should be hashed / encrypted and never displayed again. You can hide the password column in your layout if you want to hide this hash.

If you need to encrypt / hash values yourself, you can do it by overriding the record creation route and modify the values before sending them to your database. See:

Let me know if this helps

Hi @frantroya,

Just a quick remark not directly related to your issue, but you must be aware that hashing passwords with md5 is insecure and a bad practice, you’ll find an explanation here on stack exchange.

I don’t know if you can change this in your app, but the standard way of hashing password at the moment is by using bcrypt which is a hashing algorithm made for passwords:

  • It’s quite slow compared to md5, and it’s an advantage regarding passwords
  • It adds a salt
  • It’s supported by all frameworks and languages that I know
  • It’s evolutive, as the difficulty can be changed, and the default difficulty can evolve while being backward-compatible


This links could also help you:

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