I'm disconnected all the time for no reason

I’m disconnected all the time since several monthes. It’s really annoying. I log with Google. Am I the only one who get this issue ?

project name : lereacteur-admin

Hello @XavierColombel,

Could you describe the frequency of your disconnects ?

You may experience constant disconnects if you use and log yourself into multiple browsers at the same time.

I don’t use multiple browsers and I’m the only one who logs in.

It’s like sometimes 10 times a day, it’s annoying really.

Do you use any particular browser or extension that cleans cookies and/or localStorage ?

I use Google Chrome. I didn’t especially add any chrome extension since it worked fine.

Could you share the version of your browser and your OS/version. I’ll try to reproduce as we do not have other reports of disconnects to that frequency

Tell me if this is a problem if I have 2 tabs open ? It might be the problem ?

We’ve had similar issues, although not from a Google login but with simple email.
We use many tabs but a single browser, Microsoft Edge 126 on Windows 11 in our case.

Weirdly, this rarely happens to me but a colleague can be disconnected 5-10 times a day, with spikes of up to 20 times. This happens on a page change or when a tab is accessed (the tab may have been sleeping before).

We both use the uBlock Origin, but I have no problem on my computer.

Multiple tabs on the same browser should not cause any issue.
If possible could you try using another browser to see if you experience the same issue ?