Open enlarge view of video

I have collection which holds various fields from database. It get video link. When I click on detail view then I would like to play video and check but here it won’t allow to play and shows some error of Preview not available this type of file.


In this examples Content Video column is here which is video. When I click on detailed view. It must allow me to play and check video.

Here is the detail view.

You can see that video is not there. How can I get that video?

Here is the error which seems instead of video.

How can I make it possible to allow mp4 video?

Hi @Mayur_Malviya,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately, Forest Admin is not supporting this feature for now.
But will certainly one day!
I am pushing another request for this feature in our Product roadmap and we’ll let you know when it will come out.


Hi @adriguy ,

Thanks for your prompt response.

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