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I am working in a project were we want to start using forest branches. Before, every time we wanted to apply an UI change to Production, we first tweaked our Development branch until we were happy, then manually tweaked our Staging branch, and then finally manually tweaked our Production branch.

As you can imagine, at some point Staging and Production started to diverge, and now in Staging it says we have 201 Layout Changes (which might or might not be already in Production).

Ideally, we would like to have a “clean” start in Staging, and bring it back to our current Production branch. How can we do it?

I know there is the environment:reset command, but I am unsure if that will bring out Staging branch back to zero (how our Production branch was before being manually tweaked) or to the up-to-date Production branch.



Hello @Alejandro_Salazar and welcome to our community!

The command environment:reset will drop all layout changes in your environment as per the documentation.

If you wish to keep the layout changes and continue from there, you will need to deploy to production which should be set as the origin for your other branch and they will automatically be updated to the latest version.

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Thanks! so, let’s say that I want to drop all layout changes in Staging. Then, my Production environment will have some changes that my Staging branch won’t have (because we manually applied changes to both branches).

Is there a way to then “merge” my Production branch into Staging, so Staging is similar to Production and then have a clean re-start?

If your production branch was set as origin up until know all the manual changes applied to the production should have been spread to child branches.

You can find more detailed information on this answer given on a similar topic.

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