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Hello!! I’m working on a project where im using two databases. One containing portfolios and another containing charities, the data is related in such a way that a portfolio can have many charities. Below is the schema of the portfolios:

When I want to add a charity to the portfolio from forest it looks like this:

Is there any way at that time, when I want to enter a new charity, in the charity id field a list of all the existing charities id is displayed?


Hi @usr1vang,

Is your configuration aligned with your previous question ?

If so, that mean you have a smart collection smartCharities that brings you the charities as a related data. Please give additionnal details if this is not the case.

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Hi! thanks for your reply.
Yes, it is aligned. I change the name to view Charities buy its the same configuration. Below i attached my forest admin panel.

In related data i have charities that its the one created when config forest admin and view charities that is the smart collection created with the help of the previous post since I wanted to be able to link the charity id and that it takes me to the respective charity.

What I want to do now is at the moment of adding charities to the portfolio to be able to see a breakdown of all the existing ids to facilitate its entrance.

In this post I ask how to do that from the related data charities because it is where I have the option Create a new charity, but if there is an option to add charities from the smart collection would also serve me.

I look forward to your comments!!

Hey again @usr1vang,

I’m not sure to fully get the awaited result here, but from what I understand, maybe a Dropdown > Dynamic > Simple widget could to the trick here. (See screenshot)
Configuring a dropdown with dynamic simple should allow you to target a specific field of a collection, in order to select existing ids.

Let me know if that helps

But i cant set up the fields type on related data.

My portfolio schema is as its detail in the first photo attached. So when i created a new portfolio, to add charities i have to click on related data as show below:

and click on Create the first one, where it display this form:

What i want is there in the charity_id field of the form a way to displays all charitis id available. And as its a related data form i can’t find a way to achieve my goal.

But i cant set up the fields type on related data.

I’m not sure to fully understand here. Going into layout mode on your last screen should allow you to edit charity_id widget.

(From your last screenshot, click on Layout Editor, then on the cog icon next to charity_id. Once there, configure your charity_id edit widget to dropdown, and configure it as Dynamic > Simple on

Let me know if that helps

There is no option to configure the layout of these fields.

Ok, I guess I finally understood what you are trying to achieve after digging in all your previous thread.

Sadly, this is not something we support right now, so I’m pushing this as a suggestion to our product board.

Sorry for the inconvenience.