Use custom application url for local development environment

Hi, is there any way to use a custom application url (not localhost) for local development environment? I am running FA backend in k3d cluster with shared folder to host.

I tried to use APPLICATION_URL in .env file, but then FA UI was not able to discover my development environment.

Is it doable?

Thank you.

Hi @stashordiyenko, and welcome to our community :wave:

This is not a “usual” way of installing forestadmin, but we have a documentation on how to install on a remote server here.

We tend to prefer local deployment first before deploying to a remote environment, but the documentation I shared should be enough for you to install on a remote first.

Let me know if that helps :pray:

Hi, thank you for information. Seems like it is a bit obsolete as package names changed and their env vars, but I managed to implement what was planned. Much appreciated.

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