Access to breadcrumb in request object when overriding routes

Hi All -

Is there a way to access the FA user’s current breadcrumb location from within a route override? We’re trying to save a secondary association but need to know the FA user’s navigation location set that association up correctly. Thanks!


Hi @a.strom,

Can you please elaborate, maybe in a more functional way, the task you are trying to achieve?


Hi @Sliman_Medini -

Sure thing. We have a few model classes that each have two separate N:M polymorphic associations. Sequelize provides the necessary values for the link table for one of those associations when we save a new instance in FA. However, we need to populate the link table with a second set of values for the second association.

As an example, imagine metadata that can be assigned to either a book or a movie. In addition, that metadata can belong to a user or a group (all these are belongsToMany associations in Sequelize). If we’re creating metadata for a book that, in our use-case, is currently checked out to a user, Sequelize provides FA the values to fill in the Metadata <-> Book relationship, but not the Metadata <-> User relationship.

If we had access to the breadcrumbs, we’d be able to see if the book metadata was being created after drilling down through a user or a group and correctly set up that second association.

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Thanks you for this explanation, I start to see more :slight_smile:

I understood you can simplify your model like this: User 1 ----> * Tag * <---- 1 Book
-One book has many tags
-One user has many tags

To go further, can you please share more elements?
-your db schema and your forest model
-the description of the use-case you want to achieve (since I am still not sure about it sorry)

Hi @Sliman_Medini -

Thanks for your response. I’ve been abstracting away from our actual schema to protect our implementation’s details, but to clarify the associations: a book may be owned by either a user OR a group; a metadatum may be owned by a user OR a group; a metadataum may be assigned to either a book OR a movie.

We’re a premium customer and I’ve worked with @Steve_Bunlon with this setup previously, so I think we’ll have to take this out of the public community to discuss further. I’ll reach out through support channels and go from there.

Thanks again for your help,


Hello @a.strom :wave:

Sadly we do not provide any information regarding the breadcrumbs (or actual navigation history through data) in our requests to your generated project.

However, I see how helpful it could be for you in this case, and this looks like a feature that might serve others too.

I have pushed this feature request to our productboard :raised_hands:

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks a lot for your feedback :smiley: