Actions without the ability to control permissions

Hello everyone!

Need assistance with a small issue that I’m facing. I have built my Forest Admin with Node.JS, Express.JS, and MongoDB.

This is my package version.

“forest-express-mongoose”: “^9.2.0”,

There are these actions in my dashboard for which I cannot control permissions and it messes up our entire platform. For example, “Create a new shareholder” is permitted to everyone even though we have disabled “Create” globally.

Also, this action “Dissociate this relationship”. We have no way to control this action and it shows it to everyone.

Please assist us in managing this micro permissions for our platform.


Hello @tanish,

Thanks a lot for reaching out :raised_hands:

shareholders and payment IDs are not proper collections, right? Only hasMany belonging to another collection?

If that’s the case, could you try to make the related field (shareholders/paymentIDs) read-only (in Organizations/Payouts collection settings > Fields (relationship))?


Let me know if that helps.