Authentication issue

@louis As you mention Authentication issue is resolved. You suggested that restart all server and I have done restart our server still it’s throwing an error.


Hello @Mayur_Malviya :wave:

Sorry for the persistant issue related to authentication… Would you mind sharing the details of the error ? (Either Chrome debug tool or server logs if you have some).

Also if you could share with us the version of the forest package your are using, with some info about your hosting platform that would speed up the investigations :slight_smile:

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Here is my issue which face.

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Do you mind sharing the request & response that fail from your chrome dev tool in the network tab?

This would help understanding your blocking point :slight_smile:

@lclisson Here is the request in network. Please update me.


Can you click on response and give me the associated response?

@Iclisson it seems failed to load response.

Thanks after looking a bit at your project it seems that there is an error with your proxy configuration.

By running a curl I’m receiving an error 502 meaning there is a misconfiguration with your proxy.

An error 502 sent by nginx means that the server does not respond to the request.

  • Is nginx correctly configure to redirect calls to /forest/authentication to your node app ?
  • Is nginx correctly configured to redirect traffic to the same port your node app is listening to?

The agent itself never returns a 502, this error is sent by your reverse proxy to indicate that it could not contact the server.
You can test your setup by displaying this url directly in your browser:

When your server returns a 204, it means that the agent is correctly getting the call and responding to it.

If I’m calling your url, I get a 502 error even on this URL. It means that it’s not related to the authentication but to your setup (reverse proxy/agent).


@Iclisson we have different DevOps team. I am a developer. Can you tell me what should I do exactly and what should I suggest to DevOps team to do for them?

Maybe I can try to help on this even if I’m not very experienced with nginx, in order to assist you could you share me your default nginx configuration?

@Iclisson let me discuss with the management team.
Thanks for your prompt response.

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@Iclisson can we connect over meeting? It would save our time.

I’m forwarding your request to have a meeting to debug you faster. Did you manage to get the nginx configuration ?

Our team has already scheduled a meeting, so as of now it is not required. If it will required then I will let you know. Thanks

Did you manage to get your production environment fixed?

@Iclisson thanks for your help. I resolve my issue. I restarted my server and it get resolved.