"belongsTo" relation link is broken

Feature(s) impacted

Creation of a new entity from a field with “belongsTo” relation

Observed behavior

The link to the form of the new entity (“Create new …”) ends with undefined therefore a wrong handler is trying to process this request.

The link:

The URL that it is navigating to:

Expected behavior

The link should be correct and lead to the entity creation form


  • Project name: confetti-backoffice
  • Team name: Confetti
  • Environment name: production / staging

Hello @Anna_Reuven,

Thank you for this feedback.

We do not reproduce the problem on your side, but we are still looking for the bug source.
We may ask you soon others information.


Hi, this is extremely urgent for us, it recreates in multiple places and we are not able to use Forest. Can anyone jump on a screen share call so we can show the issue?


We are deeply sorry for this inconvenience.

We found a way to reproduce the issue, we’ll let you know asap when a fix is released.

Thanks again for bringing that up!


Hello @Eyal_Hakim,

It should be fixed by now.
Could you please tell me if it’s working on your side too?