Cannot Access to ForestAdmin - /forest/authentication/callback is returning a 500

We have been using forest admin on our deployed application (staging). I hadn’t logged into the app in about 5 days, but nothing had changed or been deployed. When I try to open forest for this environment I, forest says "Unable to Authenticate you. Please verify that your admin backend is correctly configured and running, and that you have access to the internet.

Our app is up and running. I checked the logs of the app and see Forest hitting the endpoints.

It first does an OPTIONS request to /forest/authentication/callback?code={redacted} which returns a 200.
It then does a GET request to the same URL but with a different code /forest/authentication/callback?code={redacted} which returns a 500.

When I try the URL myself I see the error:
{"errors":[{"status":500,"detail":"SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: certificate verify failed (certificate has expired)"}]}

Our SSL cert is definitely not expired. Any idea what’s going on?
I can login to our Development environment with no issues. The same code is on our Development environment and our Staging environment


  • Package Version: forest_liana (7.0.0) (Rails)
  • Database Dialect: PSQL
  • Database Version: 13
  • Project Name: ColliderBot

Hi @KidA001,

Did you take the time to upgrade your project with the latest version of your Rails agent?
If you need help please follow the dedicated incident page:

Let us know if that helps :pray:


Great, yes I was using 7.0.0, just updated to 7.2.2 and am deploying. I’ll see if that fixes the issues and report back. Thanks!

@arnaud I am still getting an error logging into Forest after upgrading my forest_liana gem to 7.2.2.

When I get the logs it’s still returning a 500 on the GET /forest/authentication/callback?code={redacted}

I regenerated a client_id but I realized I am only using the ForestLiana.env_secret and ForestLiana.auth_secret


Hi @KidA001,

If you didn’t have a static client_id, the only thing you need to do is to clear your Rails cache to force the dynamic client_id re-generation.
Let us know if it does not solves your issue.