Cannot read property 'widgetDisplay' of undefined

Expected behavior

Access to smart actions from an element’s view of the collection.

Actual behavior

I have access to smart actions from the table’s elements of the collection, but when I open an element view, I can’t access to smart actions.

Actually the problem persist in a specific collection (Leads), in other collections I’ve no problem. It might be a conflict with something in this collection, but… what ?

Any hint ?

Failure Logs

In the console : TypeError: Cannot read property 'widgetDisplay' of undefined.


The project is "name": "lereacteur-admin"
I’m running under "forest-express-mongoose": "^6.6.3"

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Hello @XavierColombel

Thank you for this report and sorry for the inconvenience.
Our team is working on a fix right now.


A new version has been released.
Could you please confirm that it fixes your issue?

Good job @Guillaume_Deslandes, thank you for the fix !