Can't access Forest Admin ("Our server encountered an error")

Hi Forest Support.

Today Forest is not working.

And this is the browser console:

Please help. This is definitely a blocking issue.
Thank you.

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Hi @Matteo,

We are having a high load this morning. The technical team is working on this, we will keep you informed.

Really sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi ! How can I be notified when the problem is solved ? I did not see any “subscribe” button on the topic !

@jeffladiray still waiting for update… may you please confirm that the operations are back to normal?

Thank you

Hi @Matteo,

Sorry for the delayed response. From a monitoring perspective, service seems back to normal.
The team is still investigating for the original source of the issue.

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Thank you @jeffladiray :+1:
Let us know about the root cause.


Hi @jeffladiray
I’m afraid it’s happening again. I opened this topic a few minutes ago.

We’re stuck.