Can't log in to production enviroment

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Feature(s) impacted

I recently started to use my heroku deployed app with ForestAdmin and
the implementation was pretty straight forward; I can access the
development db and manage it while in localhost but when i try to
switch to production it says it can’t log me in and connect me.
I followed the instructions of setting the private keys on Heroku
Config Var but it doesn’t work.

Observed behavior

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Expected behavior

To be able to log in to Production enviroment

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  • Environment name: Production
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Hello @FunkDr. Welcome to your community. :confetti_ball:

Let’s try to dig into your issue. To help you I need more information.

  • Did you have any logs to share?
  • Can you open your browser Network tab and copy past the falling call with related information?
  • Can you verify your environment variables in Heroku? Can you list them here (do not share your confidential information, just the setup variables’ names, and values for non-confidential information? :pray:

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


Do you want the ENV_Secret too?

As far as i can tell, everything is matching with the settings of Forest, even the URL.

Hay again,

I’m still missing some information to local your issue.

  • Have you any logs on your server?
  • Thanks for the browser network tab sharing, but can you share the response (by clicking on the failing call)?
  • Finally, have you defined a CLIENT_ID? (You shouldn’t need it in dev) Do you define an APPLICATION_URL, could you share it?


Where is that CLIENT_ID defined?

Hey @FunkDr

You don’t need any in development. It’s only needed in production for infrastructure with multiple backends running behind a load balancer for example.

I check your production environment and it matches the data I see on your logs. But can you check your FOREST_ENV_SECRET to be sure?

Thanks for sharing your logs. There is an internal error somewhere but I cannot provide any help at the moment. We need to find the culprit:

  • Did you install other gems on your project?
  • Did you make some specific changes to the config?

Kind regards,

Well… Now it doesn’t log me in on development mode too…
The FOREST_ENV_SECRET matches both on heroku and forest.

I didn’t install anything, after implementing Forest Admin and deploying it.


Really sorry for that. :confused: Do you have the same the exact issue?

Ok ok. Thanks for checking.

So it was working great and now it’s no more working ? I’ll check with some colleague to try to reproduce something there.

Kind regards,