Can't make DataTypes.GEOMETRY work in sequelize


I’m using a postgres database and I changed the default models created by Forest Admin replacing all coordinates types (which were originally DataTypes.STRING) to DataTypes.GEOMETRY("POINT", 4326).

Unfortunately nothing works anymore.
I have a smart field:

      field: "latitude",
      type: "Number",
      get: async (dynamicList) => {
        console.log("dynamicList", dynamicList);
        return dynamicList.coordinates.coordinates[0];

but now dynamicLists.coordinates is undefined.
Why is that? I don’t understand.
I changed the default behaviour and type because I wanted to create two separate fields for latitude and longitude.
It worked well when coordinates type was STRING but then every time I edited a field (another field, any field) I got an error saying that there was a conflict (a string couldn’t be an object or something along these lines).
Any ideas?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi @paolo-dreamwalk ,

  1. What is the format of your Coordinates ? Can I have an example ?
  2. What is your database type ?
  3. Can I have your project information :
  • Project name: …
  • Team name: …
  • Environment name: …
  • Agent type & version: …

Best regards,