Clearing “belongsto select” edit widget


Is there a way to clear the value from a “belongsto select” edit widget? It seems that once a drop down option is selected, it can’t be removed.

Hi @j0hnskot,

You can do it with the Belongsto Typeahead but you are right there is no way to do it with the belongsto select.
I will push it to our Productboard

Thank you Vince.
Is there a way to track the progress of this?

None sorry. But like I said you can still use the Belongsto Typeahead as a workaround :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

The problem with your BelongsTo Typeahead is that there is no way to see a list of all the options, unless I’m missing something.
With a big list of options, the person using the system has to either memorise the options or find them by trial and error which is not optimal.

Hmm I see your problem. Yeah so no workaround for now, sorry :confused: