Connection to google cloud mysql

Hi there!

We raised a previous post as our hosting provider (1and1 IONOS) would not allow us to connect externally to mysql databases externally from the forestadmin panel, and your reply was try something such as googlecloud, and a couple of other options were given.

So we looked at google cloud and have set up a copy mysql database on there. Unfortunately we are having trouble retrieving the details it, to complete the forestadmin installation steps.

Hopefully this is just because we’re brand new to googlecloud, and it’s a fairly vast interface. We’re normally OK finding our way around databases etc.

Do you have any walkthrough’s or installation guides for setting up forestadmin on a googlecloud mysql database, as we’re struggling with something that’s probably quite easy when done once?



Hi @vrunclub !
Sorry but we don’t have such a guide right now, we are considering adding one to our documentation soon !