Cors error on production

There is a problem with cors when uploading an image in the production environment

Hello @alin,

Thanks for reaching out.

Could you please give us a bit more context and logs so that we could help you out?

  • your project name
  • when this happen (smart action context, edit record context, etc)
  • what error do you have exactly (with the exact logs please)


I would bet that you are uploading a file which is larger than the maximum payload allowed by either:

  • A webserver/reverse proxy between your browser and your agent.
  • The maximum payload allowed in the JSON body parser of your agent.

The webserver is probably responding an error that indicates the issue to your browser, which you don’t see because the CORS headers are not set.

Can you check that?

An easy way to get the full error message would be to “Copy as cURL” the failing request in chrome dev tools, and replay it in a terminal to see what happens there (or similar)