CSV Import action over all tables

This is a question, rather than a bug report, as I am not sure if that is doable or not.

Feature(s) impacted

Is it possible to integrate the CSV import feature for all tables at once? (Btw, I think that should be integrated by default as this is a key feature).
In SQL, the COPY method simply returns an error if columns are missing. Here that could work the same way, if the CSV imported is not in the right format for the table, that would simply return an error.

See Forest table-specific example here: LINK

Observed behavior

For now, I have to code the import CSV action per table, which is really not sustainable as any new table, or even column, will require adapting the code for that new action.

Expected behavior

Developing the smart action for importing CSV once, which will work for all new tables created in the future. Display an error if the CSV import is not in the right format.

Hello @alexphiev,

Thank you for this feedback.

As you guessed, this default CSV import action is not available at the moment.
But I definitely can relate to your need, and I’ll share your message with our product team.

Thank you for your understanding.

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