Custom Field Values of Nested Model Not Loading

Look, I have a backlog of issues in FA at the moment, and I am very happy to set up minimal repositories to showcase the bugs, but for that I should be able to quickly set up a local short-lived project in FA and so far this has proven to be a big challenge.

Neither the onboarding UI nor the command line are working for me after several attempts over the past weeks, so I don’t really know what to do.

Hello @David_Roegiers,

I’m a bit lost with all the messages and different cases.

Can you please make a recap of the remaining blocking points for you, and I’ll try to reproduce them on my end, and work on fixes.

Thank you.

Hello @GuillaumeGautreau,

Same here :sweat_smile:, but I was working on it today.

Using a cloud (instead of local) database, I was able to get a quick playground project going for tests. I’m still working on the minimal reproduction repository for the issue(s) above and will get back to this thread here, when it is done.

Ok, thanks a lot for your help on this!

Dear @GuillaumeGautreau

Sorry for the radio silence - after some testing around, I can now pick up this thread again.

First off, I was dealing with very strange delays for record retrieval when going from datasource-mongoose-1.5.15 to 1.5.16. I wasn’t able to locate the issue, but the good news, is that moving to @forestadmin/agent: 1.35.7 made the problem disappear. So that’s that for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for supplying the fix for record creation and retrieval. In order to stick to the originally submitted scope of this issue, I am unmarking this comment as the Solution:

And instead, I am wondering if you have any progress on the point below? In the meantime, this issue has presented itself in another place of our codebase. However, in a slightly different way, using asFields from a related collection. Anyway, for that reason, this issue has become a bit more urgent for us.


Thank you for your answer. Is it possible to share the configuration required to reproduce the issue with asFields?

I’m releasing another fix on asModels, to remove null values from the generated collections ; but what you’re describing seems to be another issue.

Hello @David_Roegiers,

We released a new version of @forestadmin/datasource-mongoose that fixes this issue. Please upgrade all of your @forestadmin packages to be sure that everything works together.

Thanks, @GuillaumeGautreau - it works, thanks for the fix. :+1:

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