Custom success notification on smart action

Feature(s) impacted

Custom success notification on smart action: Create and manage Smart Actions - Developer guide

Observed behavior

The notification displays the default message and not the custom one.

Expected behavior

I want to display a custom message when the smart action succeeds.

About the documentation, it’s written a 200 should be returned with the custom message but in the code example the default status code is used (201). I tried both but neither of them works.

To be sure I tried to return a custom error message and it works. So it seems to have an issue only with the custom success notification.

Failure Logs


  • Project name: Swan back-office
  • Agent type & version: 8.5.11

Hi @DLB, welcome to the community.

200 or 201 are just variations of the success code in HTTP, 201 being slightly more specific (ressource created), but both should work.

Could you please share your implementation (or a simplified version reproducing the issue) to highlight how you created the smart action, and help us provide suggestions ?