Data display problem on forest admin

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My problem follows the ticket below.

Feature(s) impacted

The connection of forest admin to the database of our server

Observed behavior

So we have in forest admin 2 databases that have the same table name for example
NV Refund Request and NP Refund Request

For the refund request table in the NV database we have this schema

sequelize.define(‘NvRefundRequest’, {
// … (attributes)
}, {
tableName: ‘refundRequest

and for the one in the NP database we have this schema the

sequelize.define(‘refundRequest’, {
// … (attributes)
}, {
tableName: ‘refundRequest

For NV Refund Request on forest we get this

And for NP Refund Request on forest we display well the data

And it’s strange because for the NV contracts table we have the data and also for the NP contracts table :confused:

I did look to see if it was our models that were different from our tables but everything is fine for the NV refund request table

Expected behavior

Normally we should display the data of the NV refund request table without any problem but we have error logs concerning this table

Failure Logs

[forest]  Unexpected error: permission denied for table refundRequests

We also have the NV Refund table which has the same problem.


  • Project name: Nostrum Care v2
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: Develop
  • Agent type & version:" forest-express-sequelize": “^8.0.0”

Thank you in advance :pray:.

Hello @jacques_liao,

Thanks for your reaching out :raised_hands:

Well, the error raised in your logs points toward an access issue to your table (permission denied).
Did you check on that direction first? If you did, what were your conclusions?


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hello @adriguy,
I’ll check it out and let you know :pray:

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It was actually our server that had a little problem but now everything is fixed
Thank you :pray:

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