Data format condition not met

I am trying to set up “Get one record”.

I am getting response back, but apparently in bad format.

Could you please provide me with a link to the documentation, where it is described how to proceed in this case?

That exclamation sign near to “Data format” says:
Use the input below to transform your API result at your convenience…

Is there any documentation please, how use this section?

Thank you


Hi @Vaclav :wave: If you over the tooltip next Data format

It should be explain what is the expected format.

Her you want to configure the getOne routes, the expected format is a simple object with a least an id attribute inside.

What I see, you have an array containing this object !
I suggest you to use the code editor, on the left, to put this code :

return data[0];

After that click on the test button, all should be ok now.
Let me know if that help.

Thank you @Arnaud_Moncel , yes, it helped.
I am wondering if there is any documentation, how to work with the field where is written

return data;

Or which syntax to use here.

Thank you

Unfortunately we don’t have much documentation. The only thing we have is this Install Forest Admin on a REST API - Documentation.

The syntax is JavaScript. Here data represent the Data recieved you see in the top right.

Ok, thank you @Arnaud_Moncel for you help!

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