Date picker bug 2

There is an issue with the date picker as you can see here:
CleanShot 2023-10-17 at 16.45.04

1.The date I selected is not the one displayed
2. Impossible to change the time : if I type 1 it’s write 5 etc…
3. If multiple clicked on a date it’s change the time

On another note, this is clearly the worst customer support tool I ever experienced (small windows to write a message, error because someone has created a ticket with the same title, obligation to register to contact support etc…)

Hello @Jonathan,

Thanks for reaching out to us and for providing details.
We are aware of issues currently affecting the Date and Time picker and are working on a solution to fix those.
We will report in this thread once the problem has been solved.




Hello again,

Thanks for your patience. :pray:
A fix has been released earlier that should prevent the issues mentioned above.



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