Deploy to production never finishingo

I removed FOREST_DISABLE_AUTO_SCHEMA_APPLY and it didn’t help!
With this variable set to true server was logging
GET /forest 204
GET / 200 (I guess on opened production URL in browser trying to get the app)`
each second.

After removing the variable, it logs the same, after

but there is nothing at the production URL and the warning remains constantly
Waiting for your environment variables to be correctly set. If this error persists, please check your server logs.

Please, help

Hello @Ruslan_Vasylenko

Thank you for sharing this.

Could you tell me you project name, if you are using forest-express-(sequelize|mongoose) or rails, and which version? Did you deploy using Docker?

Also, you speak of removing the FOREST_DISABLE_AUTO_SCHEMA_APPLY variable. What made you use it in the first place?

Did you ensure that you have a properly formatted .env file at the root of your project?

Thank you

Thank you for your quick answer!

Today I’ve found that the production environment has appeared on the dashboard, but it still is not available on the production URL, though it says the app is running and the server’s helthcheck endpoint is working.

Answering your questions.

The project name is ‘Laterpress’.
We are using forest-express-sequelize v8.4.5 .
We are deploying using Docker.

Firstly I found the same issue here with the solution where removing of FOREST_DISABLE_AUTO_SCHEMA_APPLY helped.

As for .env , we configure it with yaml before building a docker container, and e.g. console.log(process.env.DATABASE_URL) was logging correctly. And now taking into account we have full access to the production environment via the dashboard, everything works.

As I said, now the problem is only with running the app on the production URL.
Could you please help with this?

Thank you

It seems it’s expected behavior!
Thanks for your help!


Glad to hear you sorted things out.

If I can ask a bit more of your time, I’m not sure I understand what is “expected behavior”.
This may help another user to know how you made it work, or what you might have misunderstood.

Do not hesitate to leave feedback here if you think some part of our onboarding or of our documentation was misleading.

Thank you

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