Dropdown miltiselect

What is the feature?

add widget Dropdown multi-select, or add the option multi-select to the existing Dropdown widget.

What problem does this solve for you?

we have cases that we want to select multiple items not only one in a list.

Hi @Adel_de_Clevermate :wave: can you share more context, we already have such a feature.
On which type of field do you try to set up this widget?

Hi @Arnaud_Moncel :wave:

For example, we have this dropdown of actions, we have list of action to select

here we can only select one action, we cant do multi-select using this dropdown.

We use the Edit Widget: “Dropdown”

I need more details about your database schema, If i’m right action are an Enum type in your database, To have benefit of a multi-select widget the action column type should be of type array.