Duplicate Fields In Join Table

Hey Forest,

I came across a strange issue, where both reference fields are being duplicated in one of our join tables. Meaning there is both a user and a user_id field for instance. One is the actual reference and the other is simply an integer of the foreign key value. This makes it difficult to create a new entry currently as we get required field errors. Here are some screenshots as well as our project info. Thank you in advance! :pray:


Hi @Arda_Yurdakul,

Sorry for the delay I’m looking into it :wink:

I dod not reproduce your issue.

So first you can hide the columns if necessary, that could be enough :person_shrugging:
Otherwise if you really don’t want the field may be the issue comes from sequelize :thinking:. I’m on version 5.15.1

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Hey @vince

Hiding them isn’t working for us unfortunately because when we go to create a new record on this table we get a null field error on the redundant field, what’s worse is it’s readonly! I will try with a newer version of Sequelize and let you know :crossed_fingers:

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Hey again @vince

It didn’t work sadly. But I just overrode the post route so we can create the records, also hidden the redundant fields for now. Thank you! :blush: