Existing Forest Admin to new Forest Admin x Rails

Hi there,

We’re fair users of forest admin since 3 months now. We’re working on a monolith Rails app in the other side.

We just got the newsletter announcing the new support of Rails directly in Forest Admin which looks amazing.

Could you explain how can we make the migration to our actual Forest Admin setup to the new one to be sure we can use all these new features (especially, model validations) ?
Our forest-express-sequelize version is 6.7.1

Thanks a lot !

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Hi @yonitou,

What you could do is to create a new environment. Once you get to the last step you’ll have a FOREST_ENV_SECRET.
Once you are on this step install forest_liana:

gem 'forest_liana'
bundle install
rails g forest_liana:install your-foredt-env-secret
rails s

And your new environment should be up and running.

For the model validation, not sure to understand what you mean. You can use whatever you use on rails. So could be something like that: Active Record Validations — Ruby on Rails Guides

Thanks a lot !

Will we be able to transfer all our configuration from our actual Forest Admin project ?

If the name of the models and fields are the same yes, you will be able to copy your environment from one of your nodejs environment to your rails environment using the Project Settings > Environments tab