Export to CSV and Liana's default page

Feature(s) impacted

  • Default CSV export
  • Request’s query

Observed behavior

When using the Export action, the query received in the custom CSV controller has a typo for the sarchExtended:

  timezone: 'Europe/Paris',
  fields: {...},
  filters: '...',
  searcExtended: '0', <---
  sort: '-_id'

But the real issue is that when using a RecordsGetter to retrieve the data, there’s a default page filter. I spent some time trying to understand why I was getting only 10 records back from it for a while until I hacked the query with a very big page size.

Also I find it very hard to find informations about the specifics of Liana within your documentation.

Expected behavior

I guess it’s a wanted behaviour, but all of this should be clearer in the Documentation and less time spent in the source code of Liana.