FA doc regarding smart fields is down

Trying to go to https://docs.forestadmin.com/documentation/reference-guide/fields/create-and-manage-smart-fields
yields ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR in google Chrome, or a server timeout error it’s kind of random

Hey @francois_Ruty,
Do you mean that you can’t access the documentation ?
Because I can :thinking:

Hello, You sure must have some kind of monitoring system for your web pages, or on your servers, you can check yesterday’s logs around the time of my post

all the best

You have no issue right now ?
We are using gitbook and I see no issue yesterday

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right now all is fine
yesterday, during approx. 1 hour, all documentation was inaccessible, I tried with my Wifi and my 4G, and the error was server-side anyway (timeout)

@francois_Ruty there seems to have been a hiccup but in May, nothing reported here: https://www.gitbookstatus.com/

anyways, thanks for the report, we’ll keep a look out. don’t hesitate to write again if there’s any new issue