Find .env values for my environments

I have taken over Forest Admin development/support for our company. The previous employee who handled this is no longer with the company and didn’t leave any documentation.

For testing and push/deploy, I need to set up a .env file for our remote environments (Test, Staging, Production) as well as for my local Development environment. Is there any way to find those .env files or the values used ( FOREST_ENV_SECRET , FOREST_AUTH_SECRET , DATABASE_URL , and all other custom values specific to our application)? I want to test with my Development environment using the same backend connection and other values that are being used in the Test environment, but I can’t find those values anywhere.


Hi @Dean_Martin !
You should be able to find all these informations in your project settings on ForestAdmin in the environments tab.

Hi, @Nicolas_Sailly

The only information available on the ForestAdmin environments tab is Admin backend URL and FOREST_ENV_SECRET. There are other environment variable values that I need such as the database connection information for the backend database. The backend is an AWS instance, so there are also other environment variables being used for things like S3 bucket names. I need access to all environment variable values so that I can ensure I am using the correct environment variable values for each environment moving forward. Thanks.

Hey @Dean_Martin :wave:

Sadly, Forest admin will not be able to provide all the required environment variables to run your project, mainly because most of them are not saved on our side.

FOREST_ENV_SECRET for the associated development environment will be available in your project settings, as stated by @Nicolas_Sailly.
FOREST_AUTH_SECRET can be randomly generated - it is used for your authentication process, thus should be kept secret.
APPLICATION_URL, if you need it, should be set to your agent url (http://localhost:3310 if it’s a forest-cli generated project. Same goes for APPLICATION_PORT (3310 by default).

For the other variables (Database url, S3 buckets, etc), they will depend on your setup. We do not store these variables on our end, so we will not be able to provide them to you.

Let me know if that helps