Forest Backend Error: syntax error at or near "WHERE"

Expected behavior

When I use the Edit function on a row of data, I should be able to change a value in the record and save it.

Actual behavior

When I click the SAVE button, I get an error

Failure Logs

[2020-05-19T15:23:41+02:00] (forest-backend/forest-backend/027a16f0-8b46-4247-84fc-7e3f98d68c9e) SequelizeDatabaseError: syntax error at or near “WHERE”


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Package Version:
  • Express Version:
  • Sequelize Version:
  • Database Dialect: Postgres
  • Database Version:
  • Project Name: UCM
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When do you get this error ? When editing in the detailed view or the edit inline feature ?
What are your browser logs ? Is it a smart field or a smart collection ?

When I click on a record (from the basic table view in a segment), I can see that record either in Summary view/tab or Details view/tab. I click the edit button, make a small change to a field, click the save button, and I get the error.

It is not a smart collection or smart field.

Ok thanks :+1: , can you share your browser logs ?

I am not a developer, so … not sure what you need to see?

If i cut and past everything from the Console in browser’s Developer mode, then there are too many links and it is not allowed to be posted here.

Yes, that’s what I mean by browser logs, sorry! :sweat_smile:
You can anonymise the output of the console, I’m mainly looking for errors.

{isAdapterError: true, stack: “Error: Ember Data Request PUT https://forest-backe…dor-de04b338627c392bb920b14b8c4c0763.js:1297:694)”, description: undefined, fileName: undefined, lineNumber: undefined, …}
code: undefined
description: undefined
errors: Array(1)
detail: “syntax error at or near “WHERE””
status: 500
proto: Object
: (…)
firstObject: (…)
hasArrayObservers: (…)
lastObject: (…)
length: 1
proto: Array(0)
fileName: undefined
isAdapterError: true
lineNumber: undefined
message: “Ember Data Request PUT returned a 500↵Payload (application/json; charset=utf-8)↵[object Object]”
name: “Error”
number: undefined
stack: "Error: Ember Data Request PUT returned a 500↵Payload (application/json; charset=utf-8)↵[object Object]↵ at r (

It looks like you are using forest in development on a remote environment.
Did you follow those instructions ?

Hey @rvastag,

Could you ask your developer to give the full SQL query. He can normally enable the logs by setting the environment variable NODE_ENV=development.

Hi @rvastag,

Do you still observe this issue?

As @vince mentioned, you’ll need to have a developer with you to dig into this issue.
The full error trace should be accessible in your server logs.
Without those logs, it will be hard for us to help you.

Please let us know :pray: