Forest cannot authenticate the user for this request in prod and localhost

Feature(s) impacted

I can’t access any of the generated routes (e.g forest/authentication, forest/user) - in nodejs project

Observed behavior

“{“errors”:[{“status”:401,“detail”:“Forest cannot authenticate the user for this request.”,“name”:“Unauthorized”}]}”

Expected behavior

I expect to receive a JSON response


  • Project name: EdityourFilm
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: localhost / production
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: I’m using agent version 8.5.15
  • Database type: postgres
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: no, I just generated the project using forest-cli command, I didn’t edit anything yet

Hi @Mehdi_Marouani and welcome to our community !

I am not sure to see what you were expecting by a 'JSON response".
Could you please reformulate what you were trying to do?

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Hi Shohan,

I’m still new to forest admin, and I just set up a project that connects to a Postgres database that has one table (“user” table).
I see that some folders are generated (/middleware, /routes, etc), and the routes are generated with CRUD functions (List, delete, update, etc.), so I tried to access the list of “users” (from the database) in my localhost “http://localhost:3310/forest/user” and I got the error message mentioned above.

The idea of using admin forest is to give the ability to some users to manage data (on and also expose some API to be consumed by our website (e.g list of users)

To use this endpoint you will have to use an authentification token.
Here is a thread explaining how you could do it.

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I just want to add that, even though it is technically possible, exposing the API to be consumed by external applications is not a feature supported or promoted. Support on this part will not be proposed by our side.

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