Generate forestadmin-schema.json manually

With the default setup, forestadmin-schema.json is generated locally.
All the developers in my team constantly have diff on the generated file (could it be because we all have locally slightly different databases due to migrations run in different orders?).
So all pull requests are polluted by hundreds of line of difference in this file.
How can I avoid this?

I wanted to skip automatic generation of forestadmin-schema.json and to generate it manually but the command forest schema:update doesn’t work.
I get the following error: The liana is incompatible for update: Your project is not compatible with the lforest schema:update command. You need to use an agent version greater than 7.0.0..

packages versions:

  • @forestadmin/agent”: “1.7.1”
  • @forestadmin/datasource-sql”: “1.2.0”
  • “forest-cli”: “3.0.11”

Unfortunately the forest-CLI is not compatible with your agent, it is planned in the roadmap to integrate it soon :).
For your problem, we will solve it very quickly! I will create a high priority bug.
I’ll come back to you as soon as it’s corrected.

We are merging a fix. Please install the last release to fix your issue :pray:

and another for the CLI: fix(schema): use forest-express schema format for CLI compatibility by romain-gilliotte · Pull Request #622 · ForestAdmin/agent-nodejs · GitHub

(as you reported two different issues)