Heroku/node.js buildpack problem

Hello, j have a little problem… I can no longer put ForestAdmin into production on heroku … I thought it came from installing bcrypt, so I created a new ForestAdmin project to see, and when I try to put the new project into production here is what it displays …

Hi @hugo-mori,

Could I take a look at the content of the folder you run your deploy command from? (a screenshot of a ls command would do)

Thank you

@lamatt_v Here is the screenshot… !
Capture d’écran 2020-05-11 à 17.42.04|381x171

I think that you’re trying to push the wrong content to heroku.

Heroku expects a node.js app which contains a package.json file. What you are trying to push to heroku here is the folder containing the node.js app.

Could you try to run your heroku deploy command inside the baloubet folder?

@lamatt_v It does not work.

@hugo-mori could you once again share a ls of your folder content (baloubet this time)?

Capture d’écran 2020-05-11 à 18.05.28

@hugo-mori as stated in this StackOverflow post, you probably need to edit either your folder configuration or your git configuration.

As your issue does not seem be directly related to ForestAdmin but to your heroku configuration, I probably won’t be of any help.

@lamatt_v Okay, thanks for your help :slight_smile: