How can I create an hybrid embedded/referenced

We know that embedded documents work better in MongoDB. I don’t want to lose the benefits of reference while taking advantage of this. For this, I want to apply both reference and embedded approaches together.

For example: Let’s say I have both car and engine document. I want to link them together, but not as a reference. I still want to manually update/delete at the same time.

What is the most logical way to do this? So far I’ve tried Smart Relationship and I’m looking for an easier way.

Also, should I use smart fields if I want to select from a list of engines when adding cars? this requires a lot of manual work. Because I have too many relationships in my project

Thank you.

Hey @Melis_Tekin, and welcome to our community :wave:

I’m guessing that you are currently using forest-express-mongoose your agent, is that correct?

We do provide a feature called fields flattenner for mongoose (Documentation is available here) that may be helpful in your case.

If you are using @forestadmin/mongoose-datasource, then maybe the following documentation could lead to potential solution.

Let me know if that helps.

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Thank you for your answer. I didn’t pay attention to this feature.

When adding cars with Flatten I can’t detect pre-added documents in engine collection. Is there any way to detect this?

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Could you give me more details about the document itself, as well as the behavior you are having vs the behavior you are expecting?

Thanks in advance :pray: