How can I have multiselect dropdown with searchable on smart action field

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Feature(s) impacted

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Observed behavior

Cannot search through long list by typing in that field

Expected behavior

Must be able to search in dropdown by text.

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Hi @Vinod_Gupta :wave: welcome to our community.
What is the actual widget configuration of included account types please? :pray:


In order to help you i need you to fill in theses informations please.

I just want to make this feature working

I’m sorry but if you can’t give me more informations / more context, like what is the included account types fields type, or what have you already done, I can’t help you solve your problem.

You give me a screen related to your configuration, but it is not relevant to your first screen.
Your first screen seem to show a dropdown widget and the second a configuration related to JSON.

I dont really understand. That’s why I want you to fill in context informations to enable me checking what happen. :pray:

@Arnaud_Moncel Please Find details requested as Below


  • Project name: Curator
  • Team name: Developer
  • Environment name: ALL (Staging, Development, Production)
  • Agent type & version:
  • Package Version: 8.3 (forest-express-sequelize)
  • Express Version: 4.17.1
  • Sequelize Version: 6.6.5
  • Database Dialect: MySql
  • Database Version: 5.7.24

Let me know if you need more information.


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Hi @Nilesh_Shirsat :wave: thank you for your informations.

After a rapid check, I have a small question, can you confirm about included account types field is related to a smart action form?

included account types is related to Add Account Types smart action form and few others.
It is of [Enum] type.

Unfortunately you can’t configure default assigned widget on smart action form field yet.
I’m gonna push your request in our product board.
Thank again to your feedback. :pray: