How to create node / express / sequelize app

Hey, I remember I could create an out-of-the-box nodejs / express / sequelize Forest Admin application by cloning a repository or running an npm script, but I can’t find how to do that in the documentation anymore.

Was that feature removed ? If not, could someone please share the link to the reference?


Hey @cooki :wave:

If you are refering to our forest-express-sequelize integration, you should still be able to use it by:

  • Selecting “node.js” during the onboarding
  • Then select “Others”
  • Then “PostgresSQL”

And then, follow the indication on screen. It will generate a complete project using both express and sequelize.

However, I can also invite you to take a look at our new nodejs agent, that have similar capability and doesn’t require you to manipulate Sequelize models and Express if you don’t need to. here’s the associated documentation :point_right: Quick start - Developer guide

Let me know if that helps

that’s it, thank you!

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