How to display full model name on the model list on the left?


Expected behavior

I’d like to be able to resize this panel on the left to see my whole model names.

Actual behavior

It’s static…

Failure Logs



N/A, this is front-end.

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Hi @Pierre_Poupin and welcome to Forest Admin Community !

There is actually no way to resize it, I will push this as a feature request on our product board :wink:.

Sorry about that :disappointed:

Thank you for your quick answer!

If I may suggest, a first quick step could be to add a hint with the full name of the model on mouse hover
Might be quicker to do at first and at least it allows you to get the info!

Using the native “title” html attribute, we’d get this:


Really good idea thanks :smile: !

We took your advice @Pierre_Poupin and just released a new version with the title :wink:. It should be live in a few minutes

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Wow, that was quick :smile:

Thank you!

Would still appreciate to be able to resize the whole panel for a better overview :wink: (quite long to hover all models one by one)
But this a more complex change and not as urgent anymore!

Many thanks!