How to filter by referenced field

Feature(s) impacted

Observed behavior

unable to filter data using referenced field(by user name or id )

Expected behavior

it should filter data by using referenced field (user name or id)

Failure Logs

Hi i am trying to filter data using user name in trip page but unable to filter data as there is a relation that trips belongs to user and user has many trips

  • Project name: Upshift Car Club
  • Team name: upshift
  • Environment name: development forest admin
  • Database type: postgres

Hi @rabendra_sharma ,

Indeed the reference field has only purpose to display. To be able to search in a relationship, you will have to use the extended search. (The extended search is a search that will be apply to your collection but also to every field of every relationship that you have in this collection.
You have two ways of using it:

  • Either make a search with 0 result, it will propose you to use the extended search
  • Or in your agent by overriding the route Get for your collection. Here is the doc.. Just a reminder that it could lead to performance slowdown.

Best regards,