I can't do a search in a smart field

Feature(s) impacted

searching and filtering into a smart fields

Observed behavior

the search didn’t find the column value, and filtering throw an error

Expected behavior

can search or filter on a smart field


We have three collections (organisation, company, documents). Both, organisation and documents, have a company_id and I would like to display a searchable field of organisation into documents table.
I already found a way to do that (use model.findOne in /route) so I have the organisationId displayed but a search on a organisation Id finds nothing, and when I try to filter in the dev env I receive an error (organisation_Id is not part of documents collection)

Do I use it wrong or is there a problem ?

Thanks for your help

Hello @Ludovic_de_L and welcome on our community forum ! :wave:

Do I use it wrong or is there a problem ?

It’s hard to answer at this stage but we will for sure help you to make it working.

We have a documentation that should guide you to implement this use case that you can find here. Have you follow it to implement your search ?

+ Maybe you can share the piece of code you wrote so we’ll better understand where your issue comes from ? :slight_smile:

Let me know if it helps ! :pray:

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