Import Files :- Helper/Constants

Hey guys,
I tried creating a common file for helper functions and constants but i wasn’t able to import them.
Please help how can i achieve that as it is causing a lot of duplicates.

Hello @Kashish_Maggu,

Please can you add the code of your helper and maybe the way you want to use it in another file so we can better help you? :slight_smile:


lets just say like i want a same peice of code in 4-5 different smart actions, all in different routes.

for ex. function add(x, y) {
return x+y

i tried making a helper.js and tried importing it but it failed

What is your error, and how are you importing it ?

Something like this should work:

helper.js file

export function add(x, y) {
   return x + y;

from your smart action file:

import { add } from 'path/to/your/helper';

And then you can use your helper function. Tell me if it helps :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

hey Iclisson,
tried it but not working. giving error.
tried it with require as well

Hi @Kashish_Maggu :wave: if you use classique Node project, you must use require.

helper.js file

module.exports = function add(x, y) {
  return x + y;
const add = require('path/to/your/helper');

tried but giving the error again

Please can you share with us your error :pray: