Impossible to connect my Altas mongodb

Expected behavior

Being able to create a Forest Admin project with my Altas mongodb.

Actual behavior

Impossible to connect.
I am not quite sure why :thinking:


I have a Altas mongodb (Free version).

Hi @adriguy,

Can you give a little bit more context ?

What happened ? Do you have an issue during the lumber generate ? Or after ?

Hey @vince, thanks for your prompt reply.

Actually I finally succeeded connecting my DB properly and creating for Forest project :tada:
I just did not declare the SRV in the “advanced db settings” so my db url was wrong.

I just have one thing weird: my collection are almost empty (they contain just their id).
I noticed that I had on my terminal some warning info when my project was created:

Is it the reason why my collections are empty?
Do you know how can I fix them?

Like the logs says, mapReduce is not authorized on the free tier of Mongo DB Atlas. Sadly we use this function to generate automatically your models right now. SO you’ll have to create your models manually. I hope this guide can help you.

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Ok I’ll take of it myself then.
Thanks :pray: