Is it dangerous to re-migrate my database to recreate model definitions (by Lumber)?

Expected behavior

I have new tables in my database. I also have some structure/field changes to some tables. I want to refresh the model definitions to reflect this.

Since making many manual changes to the model definitions would be very time consuming, I am wondering if I can simply re-migrate the database. Will I lose any existing setups on the Front End (segment definitions, etc)?

Actual behavior

Lumber creates model definitions during the database migration. This is currently a one time occurrence.

Is there an easy/quick way to update the JSON model definitions in my project’s /models folder? Any way to use Lumber (or whatever) to regenerate?

Failure Logs



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  • Database Dialect: Postgres
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  • Project Name: UCM
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Hello @rvastag :wave:

You can use lumber generate to create a new temporary project and merge the new models inside your old project :slight_smile:.

Your layout configuration is saved on FA end, but be careful not to delete any smart feature you may have implemented.

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